Introducing iX (integrated eXperience)

A professional integrated communications experience

As far as you can reach! Scale to your business needs.

Integrating and unifying your communitations, constantly adapting to your real needs.

Powered by
integrating CRM, ticketing system, mail, software and much more!

Provide an unique customer service by the best support experience.

Thanks to KITE assistant, customers will be able to contact you in real time, through your own website.

Multichannel tool

call, video, chat, email.

Clients, partners and leads

always available from your website.

Contact area

Customize your “contact us” site.

Get into your client shoes!! Discover how Astroline omnichannel model can enhance your business: videocall, chat, email or call us and ask for a demo.

BTW, you can always reach us by the traditional form, Feel free to contact us!!